Letter to the Reader


Thanks for stopping by. A little bit about myself: I'm Liviu, and I've graduated the History of Art at the Universities of Timisoara and Edinburgh. In 2015, I finished a Masters in Early Modern Studies with the excellent CREMS at the University of York. I then worked in museums and public galleries in Romania, Scotland and England and helped set up a publishing house in London. More recently, I worked as a touring exhibitions specialist, where I was fortunate enough to understand the global landscape of travelling cultural capital and assist world class non-profit institutions in defining their exhibition programmes. I mention my education and professional experience to partly justify my curiosity and attempts at understanding the topics you are about to read on this blog.

When I was a student, I read the following line in Ortega y Gasset: 'Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.' This line has guided me faithfully in life ever since. Urged by colleagues and friends, I decided to craft a space online where I can write down some of my thoughts pertaining to culture. This is where you've landed – on an outlet for my attention in this space.

Non finito is an art historical term which denotes a sculpture that is unfinished in character. I thought it suitable for a blog which archives an ongoing academic exercise. In today's online landscape, people build blogs on very specific topics with the intent to monetise writing. Their content is often clickbait designed to generate a steady stream of advertisement revenue. I never intended on building a blog to make money. The content of this website is not designed for that. Non Finito features material which is interdisciplinary in nature, somewhat technical, directed towards an audience that can honestly spend more than 5 minutes on a piece, students of what our material culture can teach us about the history of our civilisation. You'll never see an ad on Non Finito, I promise!

I struggled to find a tagline for this blog because doing so would mean finding a summary for a decade-long train of unstructured thought in the social sciences and humanities. I'm fascinated by European material culture across centuries of productive activity. If I were to cook up a tagline, I would say that I write about the interrelated histories of things, images and ideas, as seen through the lens of art history, cultural anthropology, and philosophy.

In short, you are perusing a repository – a space where I work on my thoughts, where I refute them, reshape them – an unfinished, ever-evolving textual archive. If it benefits you, if it speaks to you as a humanist, then this blog has served its purpose admirably.

Thank you for reading!


P.S. If you want to get in touch to discuss the topics I cover here, gmail me at liviu.tanasoaica.

Nota bene (20.06.20): The scope of this blog has recently changed. See this post for an honest clarification.